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Authentic 10" Vinyl Record

by Hedo Jackinabox

£25.00 / Sold Out

Strictly limited short run of 10'' black vinyl release of the track entitled "Authentic" featuring Hedo Jackinabox and Hollowman Jendor.
Produced by Felon-e Bludclart Beats
The vinyl will consist of the radio edit as well as the instrumental version and the below remixes:
-Dj Taek Drill remix
- Own Dialect Remix

released 26 January 2022

Production credits:

Felon-e Bludclart Beats
Dj Taek
Own Dialect

Hedo Jackinabox
Hollowman Jendor

Own Dialect, Brunx Studio Edinburgh

Graffkick/ Zdan Studio

Jackinabox Records 2022